Wang Thai, Sandton

FYI: peanuts are known by many other local names such as earthnuts, ground nuts, goober peas, monkey nuts, pygmy nuts and pig nuts.

A popular restaurant chain and several emporiums fused together sounds like the perfect recipe for success. I had the pleasure of working with Wang Thai’s executive chef in the past, and the authenticity of the chef could only mean genuine oriental food.

I had dined at Wang Thai before and was suitably impressed, but thought that a revisit to a consistent restaurant would surely spell success.

I always appreciate it if the hostess is quick to acknowledge and greet their guests on arrival. They must make the first move to interact with you, and so with this high expectation in my mind, I found my reception at the restaurant a bit disappointing. Nonetheless, once I was greeted I was taken to my table promptly.

I received three big menus that immediately made me tired just thinking about how I would have to flip through them all to find the food menu, not to mention the item I fancied.

I found the menu to be extensive with many oriental options to please many a palate. Quite a bit of time past before a waiter finally introduced himself and took down my order of Tikka Chicken Skewers with a peanut sauce. The latter never disappoints, but I’m sad to say that the chicken somewhat did. It was difficult to eat with a strip of chicken on the skewer and so you end up stabbing yourself at the back of your throat whilst trying to get the other half of your morsel.

I chose the Angry Duck as my main, which was mild and served with steamed rice. The main course arrived individually portioned, with the duck in a sweet, slightly firey soy sauce – which perfectly provided a slight chilli kick. The rice was slightly stodgy for my liking, but this is probably just a personal preference. The fusion of a wonderful sauce-based dish and rice is a great marriage. The evening was left at that.

What would I change? I feel strongly that a restaurant entrance that opens directly to the customers should have a host or hostess, always ready to welcome and see to new guests.

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